Detect Fraud with Unparalleled Accuracy

Stop trying to detect fraud with outdated methods and technology. Rules engines and time-consuming manual reviews don't stop today's sophisticated fraudsters. What you need is Sift Science, a SaaS-based solution that leverages modern machine learning technology to detect fraud in real-time.

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Detect fraud with the world's most accurate fraud detection platform

Sift Science - Real-time Fraud Detection


Find bad users on your site immediately with Sift Science's real-time machine learning engine that learns user behavior and predicts fraudulent users in real-time.

Sift Science - Machine Learning

Comprehensive Data

Track thousands of attributes for each user on your site automatically to stay ahead of thieves and eliminate chargebacks.

Sift Science Console and API

Flexible Console & APIs

Prevent chargebacks directly in the Sift Science console or integrate our data directly into your order management system with our powerful REST APIs.

Integrating is easy.

Integrating Sift Science on your website is fast and easy, and once you're up and running your first 10,000 transactions are free. Learn how to get started now.


Detecting fraud has never been easier.

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